Sandwich Panels: An Aesthetic Material Used For Surface Cladding

Posted by Admin on March, 24, 2021

Sandwich panels are the structures made up of three layers that are: a low-density core and two thin skin-layers of rigid material bonded to either side of the low-density or lightweight core. The three components of the sandwich panels act together as a composite i.e. the combined features of the components result in better performance than the performance of the single component if they act alone. The lightweight core or the low-density core of the sandwich panels keeps the two faces in the correct position, providing insulation and resisting shear forces while the two faces of the panels provide durability, impact and weather resistance and can able to resist in-plane forces of tension and compression.

The sandwich panels are utilized where a combination of high structural rigidity and low weight is required. The strength and lightness of the sandwich panels make them popular and widespread. A wide range of sandwich panel is made available in the market by the sandwich panel suppliers at very an effective rate. These panels can be flat, bent, curved and joined together in an almost endless range of configurations and are available in a broad variety of colors, finishes, thicknesses, edge details, and profiles according to the required performance.

The sandwich panels are generally fabricated off-site and are typically beneficial where a high-performance cladding is required with good structural strength, low weight and a high level of insulation.

Applications of sandwich panels are as follows: -

• Sandwich panels are extensively used as an external cladding for single and multi-storey buildings, where they are needed to provide weather resistance and resistance to wind-loading, self-weight, access loads, and many more.
• These panels are also used to create ceiling panels, insulated internal envelopes, partitions (for example in cold stores) and for fire-resisting compartment walls.

Building types that commonly use sandwich panels are as follows: -

• Storage buildings
• Industrial buildings and processing plants
• Temporary buildings
• Clean rooms
• Agricultural buildings
• Shopping centers
• Sports facilities
• Transport buildings

Materials from which sandwich panels are made up of are as follows: -

The outer faces of sandwich panels are usually made of metals such as:

• Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet
• Aluminum
• Zinc

However, other materials that can be used to make the outer faces are:

• Glass fiber reinforced polypropylene.
• Polyvinyl chloride
• Precast concrete, sometimes clad with other finishes such as brick.
• Cement board
• Magnesium oxide board
• Plywood
• Oriented strand board
• Glass reinforced plastic

Cladding systems typically include a rigid polyurethane core, but other core materials of the sandwich panels are:

• Mineral wool (rock fiber)
• Expanded polystyrene
• Extruded polystyrene
• Modified Phenolic Foam
• Polyisocyanurate
• Folded metal, paper, aramid and carbon fibers
• Honeycomb materials (such as Polypropylene)

Characteristics of sandwich panels: -

• The sandwich panels are light in weight and can be easily installed.
• They are known for rigidity, airtightness, robustness, and durability.
• They are used for thermal, fire and sound insulation.
• Low maintenance is required for these sandwich panels.
• These panels are used to reduce the capital cost.
• They are chemical, weather resistant and biological resistant.
• These panels are known for dimensional stability.

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