What Is Silica Sand? 10 Uses Of Silica Sand

Posted by Admin on May, 05, 2021

Silica sand is generally the form of silicon dioxide that is made using two elements, oxygen and silica. The most common form of silicon dioxide is quartz, which is a chemically inert and hard mineral, broke down into tiny granules over time through the water and wind called the Silica Sand.

This is called the White Sand, Quartz sand and industrial sand that comes in a huge range of shades mostly colourless or white. The colour of the sand depends chiefly on the rock detritus and a variety of mineral that makes up the resource.

Silica sand possesses some criteria that it must contain, at least 95% silicon dioxide and equal to 0.6% iron oxide, if not it is considered as regular sand. Choose the best silica sand supplier in Saudi Arabia and use it for different uses.

Uses Of Silica Sand

Some of the uses of silica sand are as follows:

The main component that is used to make glass is silica sand. This is one of the most important raw material for special and standard glasses. The chemical purity of the silica sand is the principal determinant of colour, strength and clarity.

Golf Courses And Sports Fields

On golf courses and sports field, silica sand is used for green and bunkers. As it can support and natural plant growth, it can be used to maintain greens and fairways. The natural grained shape provides you with permeability and helps to facilitate day to day maintenance like fertilization and root aeration.

Calcium Silicate Bricks

Silica sand is used to make calcium silicate bricks mixed with high calcium lime with sand to the lime ratio of 10-20. These bricks have smooth faces, good regularity and sharp corners with a variety of strength.

Water Filtration

Silica sand is also used to filter water and remove contaminants in both wastewater and the processing of drinking water.

Metal Production And Casting

This sand is used for the production of ferrous, steel and non-ferrous foundry industries for de-oxidation and grain refinement.

Coatings And Paint

Silica sand has high-performance properties like reflectance, brightness, colour consistency and oil absorption. These properties help to improve the overall appearance and durability of architectural and industrial coating and paints. Choose to deal with the best silica sand supplier and get products from them for your use.


This is the primary component in a variety of construction and building products. For structural integrity and improved durability, whole grain silica is used in mortars, flooring, asphalt mixtures, speciality cement, skid-resistant surfaces and other industrial materials.

Refractory And Ceramics

Silica sand is used for making tableware, wall tiles, floor tiles, and much more.

Industrial Abrasives

Due to the angular and round varieties, it is used as a mineral abrasive for industrial blasting. The silica sand helps in making the surfaces smooth and round.

Other Applications

Silica sand known as frac sand is used in the natural gas and oil recovery process. It is pumped down holes in the deep well applications to increase the flow rate of natural oil or oil and its chemical purity helps to resist chemical attacks in anti-corrosive environments.
Deal with the best silica sand exporter and get the best products and use them for different purposes.

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