Significant Reasons To Choose Sandwich Panels For Any Construction

Posted by Admin on January, 04, 2021

The aluminium composite panel is also known as ACP panel, a structure of three layers. People call it as sandwich panels. It has got its designation because the low-density core is put between two thin skin layers. These layers are aluminium sheets with the low-density core is a non-aluminium core.

What is a sandwich panel?

The sandwich panels are known to be perfect for mechanical uses. It stands out from the other panels made of metal due to its excellent mechanical performance with minimal weight. Sandwich panels have extensive usage for their high rigidity. Every panel by Sandwich Panels Supplier in Saudi Arabia possesses several layers:

steel claddings (external and internal)
core with thermal insulation,
coatings protecting from mechanical damage and corrosion.

Reasons to buy sandwich panels from a high-quality sandwich panel manufacturers:


By selecting reputed sandwich panels, the construction process becomes far less complicated and so quick. Most importantly, cheaper. Panels are made with components, suitable for easy installation, e.g. to a aluminium structure.

Available variants

Sandwich panels are made by sandwich panel manufacturers (external and internal) in three basic variants. Each uses a particular panel core. Thus there are elements with cores composed of mineral wool, polyurethane, and EPS.

Multiple colour options

Sandwich Panels Exporters provide many interesting solutions, with a range of aluminum sandwhiches, coating types such as matte, or shining and cladding colours like 30+ different colours. A range of selected schemes can be combined freely, which can give magnificent results that draw attention and highlights the type of business, whether the style is more traditional or modern.
The panel coating materials of these doors are fully resistant to water jet force, thus normal cleaning will keep the construction looking new for many years.

Everything in one place

Sandwich Panels Supplier in Saudi Arabia is available with a full range of accessories. These involve

Flashings (in any panel colour) and

All kinds of fasteners to allow sandwich panels to be fitted to any substrate. The manufacturers also collect from a wide range of seals and gaskets to assure the highest sealing of the partitions.

Easy Customization

Sandwich panel fabrications can be freely arranged with material easy to process. hence buildings can be designed with windows and gates wherever and whenever required.

Versatile Applications

Sandwich panels are available in the roof as well as wall versions, which are common for the following types of structures:
• warehouses and logistic hubs
• production facilities
• car showrooms
• workshops
• cold stores and freezers
• sports swimming pools, arenas, and halls

Steps followed by aluminium Sandwich Supplier in Saudi Arabia

The steps in which sandwich panels are installed as follows:

1. The construction materials are transported to the site: the performance includes
• sandwich panels,
• the subframe components (cold-formed shapes), and
• accessories (including flashing, fasteners, gaskets, seals, etc.

All leading sandwich panel suppliers can provide all the components required to complete the installation process.

2. The materials delivered by the transporter are unpacked with construction handling equipment.

3. The sub frames are accumulated, and mounted with beams, posts and purlins.

4. The protective film is detached from the sandwich panels.

5. The sandwich panels are affixed to the sub frame structural members with fasteners.

6. The joints between panels are sealed and flashing is installed afterwards.

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