Timber Claddings And Different Types Of It Used In Construction

Posted by Admin on April, 02, 2019

Cladding is an external layer or covering that protects the exterior of the building. This is a basic part of the construction of any type of building and is needed as a protection to concrete walls of the building. The cladding is generally placed on the exteriors to provide thermal insulation and provide protection from the elements of nature for the building. Cladding also has a certain type of aesthetic value and different types of materials are used in making cladding for buildings. Concrete walls are then insulated using insulation padding and then cladding is placed on the exterior of the insulation with an air cavity between the cladding and the insulation. The following are some of the details of timber cladding which is commonly used in construction:

Timber claddings

There are different types of timber claddings that are sold by a timber claddings exporter in different parts of the country. Timber cladding is used in various types of commercial as well as residential properties. These cladding materials are used in sheds, summerhouses, garages, and many outdoor properties that have a wooden finish look to their aesthetics. Different types of timber wood like oak, elm, chestnuts, cider, and redwood are used to make timber claddings. There are different types of timber claddings that are available in the market.

Types of timber claddings

There are many types of timber cladding choices available in the market. Some of the common types of timber claddings in the market include shiplap claddings, timber loglap claddings, and timber tongue and groove cladding. Timber claddings exporters also offer other timber claddings options like featheredge cladding boards that are also available. The main difference between the above-mentioned timber claddings is the shape and size of timber cladding boards which can be easily placed on the exteriors of timber claddings.

Top aesthetic color choices for timber claddings

Timber claddings are usually chosen to give a wooden look to the exterior aesthetics of the building. Wooden colors like cherry, cider, yellow birch, white oak, red oak, mahogany, walnut, and hickory are all top choices for wooden colors that are used in different types of colors that are commonly used in timber claddings.

Timber claddings are becoming increasingly popular in different types of residential and commercial establishments. These claddings offer protection as well as aesthetic value to different types of buildings and are a great and affordable choice in construction.

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